Hair transplantation is a certain and safe method offering a natural and esthetic way to oppose hair loss. It can effectively reduce typical a man’s baldness. About 50% of healthy hair follicles can be taken from the back and side areas of the head, that are not affected by hair loss. The hair follicles along with part of the tissue, are transplanted to the balding areas on the top of the head where they will continue to grow throughout the patient’s life, as they are under a different form of genetic control than the follicles on the front and top of the head.


The hair which remains on the donor area should still look natural. However, there are some cases when it is not possible to cover all of the bald area because the amount of hair in the donor area is not enough. The planning for each surgery is based on an individual approach but when young patients’ hair style is taken into consideration, the priority is to provide them with a natural lifelong appearance rather than a fashionable hairstyle. Moreover, hair transplantation is a treatment which takes into account the aging process as well as the individual process of hair loss, so the surgery should be planned in a way guaranteeing a natural and long-lasting hair style.

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