Weight Loss Therapy in Dublin & Ireland

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Our Exclusive Donnybrook Health Care Guide (HCG Diet) To Lose Weight

What makes our Weight Loss Therapy different from any other weight loss Programmes?

Weight Loss and Weight Management Therapy1. Selective Loss of large amounts of Fat, not Muscle.
2. Elimination of Cravings and Addiction to Carbs and Fats.
3. Weight Management with long term results.
4. Effortless ability to control portions.
5. Improved energy and mental clarity even while eating so little.
6. Weight loss therapy is suitable for young, old, male & female. Carve the body with no sagging skin and dissolve stubborn fat from abdomen, hip, waist & buttocks.
7. Experience well-being, energy and stamina. It’s safe, non-invasive & non-surgical.
8. Medically Supervised, No Side-Effects & No chemicals. All Natural weight loss with a 99% success rate. Weight that you lose is lost forever.

Weight Management Treatment Guide

All Weight Management consultations are by appointment only. On arrival you will have at least a 30 minute consultation with our physician Dr Sami Hameid. The Doctor will go through your medical history and examination and answer all your questions. Then you will have the 1st step of your  weight management treatment.

1. Body composition analysis.
2. Lymphatic drainage.
3. Blood tests if needed.

Our Oral Weight Loss Therapy Weight Programs are tailor-made and our physician Dr. Sami H. designs an Oral Weight loss Therapy Programme according to your requirements. We also, supply your diet plan according to your preferences. In order to undergo the Oral Weight Therapy Weight loss Protocol, it is necessary for you to come to our clinic in Donnybrook.

Weight Therapy programs for weight loss clarifications:

1. Under a normal course of treatment, lasting 4 weeks, a weight loss of approximately 20-28 pounds for females and 30-38 pounds for males is to be expected. Depending on the patient’s adherence to the diet and her/his medical conditions.

2. If you are under 20 pounds overweight, you can attend our Consultation Office for a period lasting less than one month (we recommend 3 weeks).

3. If you are over 30 pounds overweight, thus requiring more than one month treatment course, we can continue for another 2 weeks. Then stop for at least one month to start another course.


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