Intense pulsed light is one of the most common methods of  laser hair removal. This treatment is especially effective on lighter skinned individuals. Also as the hair becomes lighter and finer, shorter wavelengths will be required to target the bulb of the hair follicle. This can be achieved by treating the hair with BBL rather than the Yag laser. Tanning must be avoided for 4 weeks prior to treating fine hair with BBL. Also refrain from using tanning lotions for 2 weeks prior to the procedure for best results.
The appropriate hair removal method to suit each individual will be discussed at the consultation.


The treatment is performed in the office by a trained laser nurse.

The hair will be clipped or shaved prior to beginning treatment. This allows the light to pass through the skin and be absorbed in the bulb of the hair follicle.
Be sure to inform the nurse if you are taking any medications that could make you light sensitive such as certain antibiotics or herbal medicines. Recent sun exposure must always be discussed prior to each treatment.

Although the hair will not grow following tour laser hair removal treatment, there will be a tiny piece of hair remaining in the follicle under the skin that can take 1-3 weeks to push to the surface and fall away. Growth will be noted once again when dormant follicles become active requiring further treatment. This process happens within 4-8 weeks depending on the area being treated. It would be reasonable to expect a 20% improvement following each laser hair removal treatment.

Discomfort will be felt during the procedure. The Yag laser has been described as feeling like hot pin pricks while the BBl feels more like the snap of a rubber band. For sensitive areas the patient has the option of purchasing a topical lidocaine gel (Betacaine) from the office reception. It should be applied generously 40 min prior to the scheduled appointment. For areas such as bikini, cover with saran wrap to avoid the gel wiping off onto clothing. The option of using Betacaine prior to treatment will be left up to the individual as most will choose to proceed without it.

Please make the receptionist aware if you would like the option to continue with treatment following the initial consultation. We will slot the appropriate time in order to accommodate this possibility. Feel free to send questions via the e-mail contact at the top of this page or call the office to request a phone consultation prior to your scheduled appointment.

You will experience slight reddening of the skin that will usually subside within a few hours. Cold compresses may be applied if the skin feels warm to touch but never apply ice to the area.
In rare instances there may be swelling, blistering or temporary changes in the colour of your skin. The doctor/nurse must be contacted immediately.

Laser Hair Removal Prices:

lip €60                             Chin €70                                     lip & chin €!00

Neck  €100                    Under arm €90                         Bikini line  €100

Full leg   € 300               Lower leg  € 170                       Arms       € 160