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Post-Procedure Guidelines

After care with a quick recovery




After Your Procedure

Please note that you may be at the clinic for longer than you anticipate. Your appointment time does not indicate the start of surgery as all patients are subject to pre-surgery procedures, the timings of which can vary. You will then be expected to stay in the clinic for at least an hour after the procedure before being allowed to go home.


It is imperative that you are accompanied by a friend or relative for your journey home. This is essential for your safety and our peace of mind.
You will be given a short course of an appropriate antibiotic, please complete this.
You will be given adequate spare dressings and any other items you may require.
Please wear the support garment for the advised period. This usually requires wearing the support garment 24/7 for the first 10 to 14 days. For treatment of the chin you may be required to wear the support garment for only 48 hours. You will receive clear instructions.
During the first 24 hours there is usually a lot of leakage from the wounds.  You will need to change the dressings as they become soaked. Initially this may be quite frequent but the need to change the dressings will usually diminish after the first 12 hours. The leakage may continue for two or three days after the treatment. Simply apply an absorbent dressing to the area.
You may only shower (not bath) the next day after the treatment.  You should not bath until the leaking has completely stopped.
You may gently massage the treated area 14 days after the procedure but you must avoid vigorous massage for at least 6 weeks.
You may return to normal daily activities the day after the procedure but you must avoid vigorous activities, exercise or sports for at least one week.  You will find that it is preferable to remain resting at home quietly for at least 24 hours after the procedure as this will allow you to cope with the leakage and will give the healing process a good start.
In the unlikely event that you experience any persistent or increasing swelling in the treatment area/s or heavy bruising, you believe that you may have some infection present or you have any other concerns, you must immediately contact:  086 770 3753
If you have any concerns whatsoever, either before or after the Liposuction , please immediately contact: 086 770 3753


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