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Pre-Procedure Guidelines

Your health and well being is our priority



Before Your Procedure



Please phone/message 086 770 3753 - 48 hours before the procedure to confirm that you are in good health and will attend the clinic at the allotted time.


Please note that you might need to stop using aspirin, ibuprofen or other medication that may lead to increased bruising. You should stop these medications if possible 7 days before your procedure. This list would include preparations containing vitamin E.
Please remember to stop any other medication you have been specifically instructed to stop before the procedure.

Please try to stop or reduce smoking for at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure. Smoking damages and decreases your circulation and slows down your healing time. Please do not drink any alcohol for 5 days prior to the procedure for similar reasons.

We advise eating a small meal on the day of your procedure but avoid consuming any solid food for 2 hours before your allocated appointment time. You may drink nourishing liquids and soups. Immediately prior to the procedure, you will be given a sweet drink.

Leave your jewelry and valuables at home. Personal belongings will be secure. Wear dark, loose, comfortable clothes. Bring along clothes that accentuate and highlight areas of fat or curves that are of concern (eg tight jeans).

Please also bring a spare pair of underwear.

You will be provided with all of your immediate post-procedure needs.

You are welcome to bring your earphones and your phone to listen to music if you wish.

You might be given a small dose of a mild sedative prior to the procedure. This will allow you to be relaxed during the procedure.

It is imperative for you to be accompanied home by a friend or relative after the procedure so please ensure you make these arrangements in advance.

If you have any additional questions you wish to ask please contact: 086 770 3753


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